Bulk solids and liquids weight measurement


Knowledge and experience help us designing weighing systems and to adapt them to existing or planned industrial installations. The fundamental goal set by us is to achieve the accuracy of the measurement, at the acceptable costs for the customer.


Rozwiązania „szyte na miarę”

We offer a wide range of load cells, indicators, controllers and various accessories, which we select individually for each application. Thanks to our components, it is possible to build platform weights, both for small single loads, as well as for euro pallets or vehicles, as well as tank scales for weighing liquids or bulk materials.

Easy integration

A standard feature of our measuring devices is the ease of inclusion in the communication infrastructure in industrial workspaces. Almost all of our gauges are equipped with an Ethernet connector, which is now becoming a standard in communication in industry. Besides, they can be enriched with support for prevalent communication standards, such as serial ports RS232 / 422, Profibus, or analog port 4-20mA.

Demanding working conditions

Our measuring systems are designed to work in the most demanding environments. It is not a problem for us to develop a system made of acid resistant steel, IP68 resistant to high temperature or working in an explosive atmosphere.

Control systems

Our control systems perfectly fulfill the role of indicators. Vast communication possibilities, intuitive menus, and bright displays will allow convenient service and excellent cooperation with other systems in the production plant.

The typical solutions are:



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