Weighing on belt conveyors

Thanks to our conveyor weighers and belt feeders, even the most demanding working conditions are not an obstacle to maintaining the measurement precision and long-term durability. Over the years, we have provided solutions for clients from various industries: coal, crushing, food processing, feed production, grain trading, ceramics production and others. Take advantage of our experience and let InterProcess be your supplier.


Belt scales

We manufacture proven constructions of belt scales, ready for installation on customer conveyors. In the case of atypical systems, we supply structures modified or designed specifically for existing building conditions. The WPL scale is intended for less demanding applications, where, in addition to the accuracy of the measurement, the cost of the entire investment counts the most. The WPC model is always the best solution for weighing on a conveyor belt and is usually the first offer for our customers. Extremely rigid construction with the possibility of easy adaptation to the conveyor's carrying frames and high quality of workmanship ensure accuracy and reliability of indications.

Belt weighfeeders

High accuracy (maximum error below 0.5%), achieved over an extended period of time, puts our belt weighfeeders in the leading position, in front of others similar products available on the market. DTC is our flagship model, designed for a variety of applications with medium and large production volumes. The DTU feeder has been designed primarily for the food industry because its design is hygienic and allows easy and quick cleaning. It can, however, be used wherever material with light to medium bulk density has to be administered. The DTL model is an economical solution for customers looking for an inexpensive but proven tape dispenser.

Control systems

If you already have a belt conveyor with a scale installed, we recommend our control systems. They are one of the most modern solutions on the market, with a friendly interface, rich communication options and exceptional speed of operation.

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