Weighing & dosing

Weighing & dosing

If you are looking for a new feeder or intend to purchase the entire mixing system or you have come to the conclusion that the current dosing system does not meet the quality requirements, InterProcess has experience and the right technology.

Operating in various industries for years, we have been constructing reliable and technically advanced solutions for weighing and dosing loose and liquid materials. We perfectly understand how important it is to be sure that the measuring device provides consistent, accurate and reproducible measurement results. Thanks to many solutions at InterProcess, we can offer the most suitable device for use in any industry: cement, food, chemical, paper, steel, and others.

Regardless of material requirements, during the design process, we strive to be close to our clients, and we strive to ensure that the expected results are entirely satisfactory. If you are considering modifying currently working dosing devices or enriching the current system with new functionalities, changing the dosing range or changing the control system, please contact us. We have the right knowledge, experience and possibilities to make such modifications, regardless of the brand of your product. We want our products - conveyor belt scales, screw dosing systems, belt feeders, mass flow meters and other weighing devices to work without failure during long-term use.

We also offer full round-the-clock service support, including telephone consultations and customer visits, because we know that you cannot afford to lose production time during downtime caused by failures.

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