Technologie zur Handhabung von Schüttgütern

Wir beschäftigen uns seit Jahren mit der automatisierten Handhabung von Schüttgütern, was die Konstruktion, Konstruktion und Herstellung von Anlagen zur Verarbeitung von Schüttgütern in Produktionsprozessen umfasst. Wenn Sie uns die Umsetzung Ihres Projekts anvertrauen, entscheiden Sie sich für Modernität, Effizienz und Zuverlässigkeit.


A wide range of high quality gravimetric and volumetric feeding systems allows us to handle a variety of bulk materials in almost every type of industry. Depending on the application, we will select and propose the most suitable solution for you.

BIG-BAG systems

Loading and unloading of BIG-BAG bags should be carried out by appropriate devices that will be designed for your application. Our systems will ensure dust-free operation, connection to dosing or transport systems and safety for operators.

Filling and packaging

Our feeders are perfect for applications involving filling packages with bulk material. Regardless of whether these are processes on a micro or macro scale, we will offer the appropriate solution in processes such as mixing semi-finished products or filling bags.

vacuum transport

Our offer includes efficient and safe devices for transporting powders and granules by air. Our solutions allow you to create both simple conveyor lines and more complex systems with dosing or multiple loading and material discharge points.

Weighing automation CONTROLLERS

We offer programmable weighing controllers with on-screen visualization that are perfectly suited to automated processes in production lines. Extensive communication options and additional cooperating software are a significant value.