Chemical & fertilizing

Chemical & fertilizing

At InterProcess, we have developed a wide range of devices for dosing, weighing and transporting loose products in the chemical and fertilizer industry, which, in addition to modern technology, also meet the need to optimize production and improve operator safety and ergonomics. Regardless of whether the device is to be used to administer individual portions of loose products, such as soda or detergents, or to maintain the right proportions between different ingredients, our company has a proposal for you.


Our offer

Our feeders are adapted to work in difficult conditions, where continuous, trouble-free production and short downtimes for maintenance and cleaning are particularly important.

The device designed specifically for working in difficult conditions, which is the chemical industry, is the DTC belt weighfeeder, which is used for continuous, gravimetric dosing of loose materials. Thanks to the use of various inlet hoppers, it is suitable for feeding products, both well and difficult-flowing, with medium and high bulk density, in the range from 0,5 t/h up to 1000 t/h. The device is made of carbon steel, powder coated (on request in class C5-I). Selected elements can be made of stainless steel. For very dusty and easily aerated materials, with a tendency to uncontrolled flow, special bins and external covers can be used.

The DTU belt weighfeeder is a small device made entirely of 304 stainless steel (or optional 316L) with a flow of up to 40 t/h. Thanks to the special construction enabling easy disassembly and cleaning, as well as the dustproof housing with the possibility of connecting a dust removal system, the weighfeeder finds particular application when working with highly corrosive products such as salts.

For dosing medium-flowing materials, such as soda or fine, and with a tendency to clump, such as titanium white, a DSL volumetric or gravimetric screw feeder is a good solution. Easy access to the inside of the device makes keeping it clean extremely easy.

In turn, for well-flowing but fragile materials, such as pellets, granules, fibers and flakes, we recommend the DVC vibrating feeder, in which the risk of material damage is minimized due to the lack of moving parts.