Our products are highly valued in the plastics industry, both in the production of raw materials and in processing processes. High equipment reliability contributes to overall production efficiency. We use our comprehensive engineering knowledge to implement individual solutions in the field of weighing technology and dosing of loose materials for demanding plastics processing.


Our offer

We offer a full range of service and technical support – from consultation and planning, through design, process optimization, production, delivery, to installation and commissioning of our devices. We work with our clients in the field of innovative solutions, creating the basis for long-term, successful partnerships, in which the benefits for clients are always in the first place, together with efficiency, reliability and quality.

The versatility of the volumetric screw feeder makes it ideal for this type of industry, and various types of feeding tools are selected by us in terms of the material fed and allow the perfect adaptation of the offered device to the customer’s needs. In applications requiring very high accuracy, we offer a gravimetric screw feeder, which thanks to the weight feedback and advanced control system provides full control over the process and independence from the changing parameters of the loose product.

For fragile and delicate material, a good choice may be a vibrating feeder, which thanks to the lack of moving elements reduces the risk of material damage during dosing.