Weighing products is our specialty. We are able to weigh materials with different characteristics- both single loads and loose materials. A lot of projects are implemented on the individual wishes of customers.


Feeding bulk material or liquids with specified parameters is not easy. The time we spent analyzing customer requirements and modern production resulted in the design of a range of feeders for each type of material.


We specialize our products for all types of filling systems. This applies to both microscale processes, including in particular prepackaged goods below 10kg, and macro, such as mixing of semi-finished products or filling large bags.


If you are looking for the control system for your weighing device or feeder, our offer is for you. Penko controllers and indicators can be adapted in the most devices of this type and connected in many ways with parent systems

Sack emptying

Our task is to make all kinds of processes related to the processing of bulk materials simple and trouble-free. During the seemingly simple activity of emptying small bags, the problem of dusting is a common occurrence. Our design for manual emptying of small bags is a great solution to this problem.

BIG-BAG systems

BIG-BAGs are increasingly used in industry. They are a great solution when bulk material must be stored and transported in a safe and inexpensive way. However, when using them, the problem of dusting or spilling material is a common phenomenon. At InterProcess we offer stations for filling and emptying large bags, which are a great solution to this problem.