Weighing automation


We offer strain gauges from the most well-known companies: Siemens, Schenck, Utilcell, HBM and others, made of galvanized carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum. The offer also includes sensors for intrinsically safe zones. We invite you to consultations and inquiries, and we will select the best solution for your application.


Indicators are also referred to as weighing meters, which are equipped with a display and keyboard, and can be installed directly on the scales due to various variants of housing: aluminum, plastic and stainless steel with IP65 protection. Our products have the ability to be legalized and calibrated and have various communication ports to send measurement data to other systems.


The tensometer amplifier is a type of weighing meter that is intended for installation inside a control cabinet. Equipped with various communication ports, it is usually a gate through which we can read measurement values from scales by a master system such as PLC or SCADA. Our products can do more. Unlike competing solutions, they have a small display and keyboard, which makes them easier to use. SGM800 models can also be legalized and equipped with special programs for automatic weighing.


The weight controllers are used in processes where relevant functions are performed based on the weight indications. And thus, in this way, we get a universal device that, for example, controls the loading, the speed of dosing, administered portions or runs the entire production line. Some of the ready-made programs can be adapted to existing automatic scales. And if the program must be more complicated? We will write or modify the program the way you want.