Sack emptying

Our task is to make all types of processes related to the handling of bulk materials simple and trouble-free. During the seemingly simple task of emptying small bags, the problem of dust formation is a common phenomenon. The STB stations we produce are a convenient solution to this problem.

The device provides a simple and dust-free process of emptying small bags. The station is designed to be used with the greatest possible number of devices for further transport of loose materials. Depending on the customer’s requirements, the structure can be made of powder coated carbon steel or AISI304 or AISI316L stainless steel (glass or electropolished). Thanks to the top, the process of emptying the bag is extremely convenient, which avoids the risk of back injuries, and the charging grate prevents unwanted foreign bodies from entering the device.


  • dust-free emptying of small bags,
  • automatic filter cleaning, using the built-in controller and 6 bar compressed air,
  • avoiding spinal injuries,
  • modular design, so that the station can be equipped with a number of functions such as. incl. bag compactor, rare earth magnet, cell valve, bottom suction unit or screw feeder,
  • very simple operation of the device,
  • charging grate prevents unwanted particles from entering the device,
  • table top that guarantees a convenient process of emptying the bag,
  • application for a wide range of bulk materials.

Sack tipping station