The production of high-quality products depends more and more on the precise dosing of ingredients. The essence of such use of scales is a repeatable administration of the right amount of material for the process, packing material into sacks or BIG-BAGs or mixing various materials according to the proportions specified in the recipe. Our feeders and advanced control systems ensure accurate metering of bulk products and full control over the mixture composition.

Our offer includes volumetric and gravimetric feeding systems, which we select individually for each application and customer requirements and their budgets. The range of offered feeders allows you to adapt to any type of bulk material, and sophisticated control systems, also modified at the customer’s request, will meet the requirements of modern production plants and increasingly complex automation systems working in them. Thanks to our experience, knowledge of weighing systems, design possibilities in the field of mechanics and software development, you can be sure that the product we provide you is a modern and advanced device.

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