Hopper scales

Hooper scales

In order to maintain the quality of industrial production, the quantity of material in the tanks must be precisely controlled. The use of weighing technology has many advantages over other measurement technologies. It eliminates the need to take into account the type of material and its properties – whether it is liquid, powder or gas, it does not matter whether the material causes corrosion, foaming, a small dielectric constant or is dusty. This is the most accurate method of measuring the amount of material in the tank.

The load cells are mounted in tank supports. It is important to select and maintain precision when assembling them, to avoid unnecessary measurement of additional forces (eg introduced by inflexible connections of the tank with other elements of the process). Thanks to our experience and knowledge gained during many realizations, you can be sure that the choice of sensors and their parameters will be carried out in accordance with the art of engineering.

In our projects, we always take into account the risk of potential overloading, aggressive or potentially explosive work environment and the fact of side forces, eg wind. Scales delivered by us can measure weights from 0,1 to 400 000 [kg] and we will legal-for-trade them.

Control systems


The most affordable controller for measuring on static and non-automatic balances. Although it is intended for installation inside a control cabinet, it has a small keyboard and a display. High speed (sampling 1600 times per second) and 4 binary outputs can enable or disable additional devices after exceeding the set level of weight in the tank. The analogue or Ethernet ports, Rs232 / 422, Profibus, Canbus can be used for communication with master systems. It is possible to connect many units in the Local Bus network, so that by connecting with one unit, we can set and calibrate others inside the same network.


In terms of functionality, it certainly doesn’t concede to the SGM700 model, and can do even more: it has the ability to legalize and implement additional software functions to create an automatic weight. Thanks to this, it can control eg filling or unloading the tank. In addition, as in the case of SGM700, it communicates through various protocols, also on the internal Local bus network, and the calibration is extremely easy.

1020 in the stainless steel enclosure

The 1020 model, in terms of functionality, is the best choice for tank scales. Having the same parameters and capabilities as the SGM 800 has been equipped with a keyboard and a stainless-steel cover with IP65 degree of integrity, so it can also be mounted in a chemically aggressive environment. It is also equipped with an Ethernet communication port, it can also optionally be equipped with RS232 / 422, Profibus, analogue output, Canbus. It can be legalized and have additional software functions for automatic weighing machines.

control systems

Load cells and accesories

Each application is analysed by our engineers individually. By using our services, you can be sure that what you receive will meet the quality requirements in terms of durability and the measurement results obtained in the long-term use. Our range of sensors is very wide, so please contact us for consultation.

load cells

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