Weighing bulk materials
We design and supply devices for weighing loose materials, which are ready for implementation in production lines.
Dosing bulk materials
The feeders we offer are modern and advanced devices operating with extreme accuracy.
Weighing Automation
Our controllers can be individually programmed, thanks to which they manage entire industrial processes.
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BIG-BAG systems
BIG-BAG filling and emptying stations guarantee dust-free operation and meet the highest safety standards.
We offer services legal-for-trade scales and provide comprehensive customer support services in various weighing and dosing systems.
„Custom-made” solutions
Our engineers take into account all customer wishes and application requirements.

Modern industrial production is based primarily on mechatronic devices, consisting of mechanics, electronics and appropriate software. As an engineering company, we provide such solutions.

What makes us different?

Custom made product

We approach each project individually, and we strive to ensure that the client receives exactly what he needs. The versatility of our products means that the delivery time is shorter than that of the competition, and the designs themselves are checked in advance during use in industrial production.

Innovative solutions

The products we offer are technically advanced devices, designed following the latest trends in the industry. The young engineering team cares about continually developing and modernising them, using the knowledge and experience gained during work and customer feedback.

Vast experience

Our experiences come from almost every type of industrial production. Various variants of equipment finishing and materials used will satisfy the requirements of each client. As automation and mechanics, we use the knowledge gained from launching to validate our offer permanently.

Our solutions

Platform and silo weighing

We provide all necessary components for building the scale on existing tanks and platforms. We focus primarily on easy integration with parent systems and high measurement accuracy at costs acceptable to the customer.

Weighing and dosing on belt conveyors

We design and supply our clients with ready-made weighing systems. Our systems are able to count the material on the belt and regulate the flow. We also offer ready belt weighfeeders with built-in scales, characterized by very high dosing accuracy.

Volumetric and gravimetric dosing

Our company will provide modern solutions in weight automation for existing installations as well as high-quality screw and vibrating feeders. The mass loss in the tank defines the material flow. In connection with the PID control loop, we will receive a feeder with exceptional accuracy.

Our offer

Our offer is not only ready-made components to be implemented in production lines, but also custom made dosing systems and various types of services – all for the good of the customer.


Weighing products is our specialty. We are able to weigh materials with different characteristics – both single loads and loose materials. A lot of projects are implemented on the individual wishes of customers.



Feeding loose material or liquids with specified parameters is not easy. The time we spent analyzing customer requirements and modern production resulted in the design of a range of feeders for each type of material.


Weighing automation

If you are looking for the control system for your weighing device or feeder, our offer is for you. Penko controllers and indicators can be adapted in the most devices of this type and connected in many ways with parent systems.



There are no devices that do not need service. Routine operations such as checking, inspection and calibration will make your system run more efficiently and efficiently. In addition, we also carry out legal-for-trade scales at the customer’s request.