Bulk material HANDLING technology

For years, we have been dealing with the automated handling of bulk materials, which includes the engineering, design and manufacture of equipment for processing bulk materials in production processes. By entrusting us with the implementation of your project, you choose modernity, efficiency and reliability.

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A wide range of high quality gravimetric and volumetric feeding systems allows us to handle a variety of bulk materials in almost every type of industry. Depending on the application, we will select and propose the most suitable solution for you.

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BIG-BAG systems

Loading and unloading of BIG-BAG bags should be carried out by appropriate devices that will be designed for your application. Our systems will ensure dust-free operation, connection to dosing or transport systems and safety for operators.

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Filling and packaging

Our feeders are perfect for applications involving filling packages with bulk material. Regardless of whether these are processes on a micro or macro scale, we will offer the appropriate solution in processes such as mixing semi-finished products or filling bags.

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vacuum transport

Our offer includes efficient and safe devices for transporting powders and granules by air. Our solutions allow you to create both simple conveyor lines and more complex systems with dosing or multiple loading and material discharge points.

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Weighing automation CONTROLLERS

We offer programmable weighing controllers with on-screen visualization that are perfectly suited to automated processes in production lines. Extensive communication options and additional cooperating software are a significant value.

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Comprehensive delivery

We offer a full range of service in the bulk processing line. We are monitoring the entire project, ensuring the highest level of product offerings.

Innovative solutions

Our bulk weighing and dosing devices help our customers to increase production line efficiency, reduce production costs, and improve work safety and automate processes.

Extensive experience

Our extensive experience and know-how in the design, manufacture and start-up in dosing and weighing production lines enables us to develop trouble-free, reliable, durable and robust technical solutions.

Our solutions

Volumetric and
gravimetric dosing

Our company will provide modern solutions in weight automation for existing installations as well as high-quality screw and vibrating feeders. The mass loss in the tank defines the material flow. In connection with the PID control loop, we will receive a feeder with exceptional accuracy.

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Big Bag filling
and emptying

The use of special transport bags in the industry called BIG-BAGs is now very practical. Our constructions ensure an efficient process of filling and emptying bags with minimal involvement of employees. The elements massaging the material and tight connection make the whole process easy, fast and dust-free.

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of bulk materials

We provide our customers with solutions that make moving dry bulk materials such as powders and granules more efficient and effective. Vacuum transport is easy to keep clean, minimizing operation and maintaining a fluid-free working environment even in potentially explosive areas.

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Weighing and dosing
on belt conveyors

We design and supply our clients with ready-made weighing systems. Our systems are able to count the material on the belt and regulate the flow. We also offer ready belt weighfeeders with built-in scales, characterized by very high dosing accuracy.

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Dosing according
to recipes

DSL feeding systems can be used when several components with different parameters must be delivered to a centrally placed weighed tank, bag or a pneumatic transport receiver.

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and packaging

Our measuring systems are characterized by high speed and high measurement resolution. All this in order to maintain exceptional accuracy and prevent overfilling. This applies to processes at both the micro level and filling large bags. For larger parts, every gram matters, and our customers save money.

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Our offer of technological solutions for weighing, dosing, mixing and transporting of bulk materials, many years of experience and comprehensive technical knowledge make us the ideal partner for cooperation. We support our customers throughout the entire process until the installation is started and the employees are trained. We provide comprehensive after-sales service as well as spare parts. We provide devices and complete installations for complex production processes


Weighing products is our specialty. We are able to weigh materials with different characteristics- both single loads and loose materials. A lot of projects are implemented on the individual wishes of customers.


Feeding bulk material or liquids with specified parameters is not easy. The time we spent analyzing customer requirements and modern production resulted in the design of a range of feeders for each type of material.


We specialize our products for all types of filling systems. This applies to both microscale processes, including in particular prepackaged goods below 10kg, and macro, such as mixing of semi-finished products or filling large bags.


If you are looking for the control system for your weighing device or feeder, our offer is for you. Penko controllers and indicators can be adapted in the most devices of this type and connected in many ways with parent systems

Sack emptying

Our task is to make all kinds of processes related to the processing of bulk materials simple and trouble-free. During the seemingly simple activity of emptying small bags, the problem of dusting is a common occurrence. Our design for manual emptying of small bags is a great solution to this problem.

BIG-BAG systems

BIG-BAGs are increasingly used in industry. They are a great solution when bulk material must be stored and transported in a safe and inexpensive way. However, when using them, the problem of dusting or spilling material is a common phenomenon. At InterProcess we offer stations for filling and emptying large bags, which are a great solution to this problem.


Vacuum transport

For our Norwegian customer, a fertilizer manufacturer, we have developed a vacuum tranport system
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InterProcess is a technology manufacturer for weighing and dosing bulk materials. We implement high-quality innovative and efficient engineering solutions. We provide equipment and complete installations for complex manufacturing processes.

We have a team of creative and experienced designers who effectively manage their projects. They advise, inspire and help you identify specific customer needs and create “tailor made” solutions.

Engineers with years of experience in the weighing automation industry are involved in the commissioning and implementation of the equipment ordered.

We are committed to the quality and reliability of our services and to the durability of our proposed equipment.

We use weighing and dosing automation systems from Dutch manufacturer Penko Enginnering B.V.

We are constantly looking for new and improved current solutions to improve the productivity of our customers’ production lines around the world.

Our solutions include Big-Bag filling and emptying stations, vacuum transport, gravimetric screw feeders, volumetric screw feeders, sack tipping stations.

We implement projects for the Big-Bag filling and Emptying Stations. Our Big-Bag stations provide a safe and dust-free filling and emptying process for large bags. Ease of connection of bags reduces downtime in production lines. With Big-Bag-Bag filling and emptying facilities, agitators (mixers) or vibrators, the product doesn’t hang, Big-Bag stations can dramatically reduce the loss of dry-up. The Big-Bag Loading and Unloading System ensures the highest safety standards and minimizes the contribution of personnel to the process.

The Big-Bag filling and emptying system can be adapted to work in hazardous areas.

We offer the installation of vacuum transport. It’s a dust-free system, also available in ATEX zones. It can be used to transport material up to a distance of 40-50 m. Vacuum transport is easy to clean and basic parts can be removed quickly. Vacuum transport provides a dust-free working environment. The compact size of the appliance allows efficient use of space. Vacuum transport helps manufacturers increase productivity and reduce energy consumption.

Gravity screw feeders are another one that makes it even easier to run quietly, with low energy consumption and high precision dispensing. Feeders are easy to keep clean. Gravity screw feeders have high dosing precision. They can be safely used in danger zones. We then apply an intrinsically safe solution in accordance with the ATEX directive.

Volumetric screw feeders are used wherever the volume of the raw material must be accurately measured in production, mixing or packaging. For example, in construction work, for mixing sand and other elements of a mortar or plaster.

The vibratory volumetric screw feeder is manufactured in various sizes. It can therefore be used for mass production as well as for small plants. The raw material administered is portioned very precisely, in sufficient quantities or times. This ensures that the ingredients of the mixture are either dosed in exact proportions or packed in standard quantities. The feeder can be used in various industries – food, chemical, cosmetic and construction-repair.

The manual emptying station for small bags provides a convenient way to empty and feed small quantities of product into the main process, e.g. a mixer or transport system between two distant points of the process installation. The manual emptying station for small bags provides a safe solution to avoid back injuries and minimize dust.

Weighing automation, Big-Bag filling and emptying station, gravimetric screw feeders, volumetric screw feeders, sack tipping station.