Volumetric screw feeders

volumetric screw feeders

Volumetric screw feeders

Volumetric screw feeders control the flow by measuring a constant volume amount over time by changing the speed of the feeding tool. For screw feeders, this is the rotational speed of the screw with center rod or spiral. Compared to gravimetric screw feeders, volumetric do not have weight feedback. These types of devices are the most economical solution to the problem of dosing bulk materials in continuous or batch mode.


DSL(35-75-150) V

The DSL V series volumetric feeder is a universal solution that allows you to dose loose materials with a given feed rate. It can be used to feed materials with different characteristics and grain sizes.

The DSL V feeder can be an autonomous continuous dosing system and part of a portion preparation system. The construction made entirely of stainless steel, polished inside is equipped with a horizontal agitator driven by a separate electric motor. Thanks to this solution the bulk material is constantly moved and evenly fills the feeding tool in the form of a full screw (screw with center rod) or spiral screw (screw without center rod). This applies in particular to hard-flowing materials with a tendency to clumping and bridging. Feedeng tools with different diameter and pitch can be freely changed to increase the feed rate.


  • bulk materials of various types – both well- and hard-flowing, easily aerated, with a tendency to uncontrolled flow or clumping.


  • the maximum feed error after the calibration +/- 2..3%,
  • horizontal agitator mixing material and filling the screw,
  • feed rate from 0,5 to 30 000 [l/h],
  • inlet dimensions 250×250 [mm], 350×350 [mm] or 450×400 [mm],
  • feeding tools: screw or spiral, size from ∅18 [mm] to ∅152 [mm],
  • easy disassembly of the screw and agitator,
  • can be placed under the hopper or BIG-BAG emptying station,
  • stainless steel 1.4301 (AISI 304) or 1.4404 (AISI316L),
  • standard performance of the external surface: blasting with glass granulate, continuous internal welds,
  • optional hygienic version, surface as well as welds ground and electropolished.


DSL(35-75-150) V (EN) catalog sheet
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