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FlowSlide mass flowmeter

The problem of measuring the flow of well-flowing powder or granules is a very important issue. It is often associated with e.g. truck loading, feeding into the mixer or a typical technological measurement of production efficiency. However, the most important requirement is to ensure high accuracy without any special maintenance measures. 

The FlowSlide mass flowmeter is the perfect solution of this problem. Its work has very little physical impact on the material in the process. This minimizes the risk of that product being damaged by moving parts. The simple and solid construction makes it a reliable and easy to use device.




  • 3 versions of mass flowmeter – Baby FlowSlide, FlowSlide 700 and Maxi FlowSlide,
  • grain size: 0 – 30 [mm],
  • bulk density: 40 – 3 500 [kg/m³],
  • load cell class C3 – 3 000 divisions, stainless steel, IP68,
  • measurement accuracy: +/- 0,5%,
  • measurement repeatability: +/- 0,1%,
  • continuous material feed rate measurement, without stopping the process,
  • dust-proof construction,
  • easy operation and calibration of the device.

How does it work?

The FlowSlide flowmeter works by measuring the mass flow of bulk material moving along a curved, arc-shaped element. According to the laws of physics, the material generates a centrifugal force that is proportional to the flow value. Thanks to a special mechanism that transmits the force to the load cell, disturbances due to bulk density, grain size or material friction are not noticeable. The PID controller implemented in the controller can be used to control the flow by using the prefeeder (cylindrical slide, rotary cell, belt scales).

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