Support services

We provide comprehensive customer support services for various weighing and dosing systems.

Our services are performed by engineers with years of experience. We build, repair, upgrade, check and calibrate, even in unusual conditions, at times that are convenient for you. We offer the most cost-effective solutions on the market while maintaining the highest quality, including in intrinsically safe areas.

Our service focus on: Car weights, platform scales, railway scales, hopper scales, belt scales, mass flow meters.

We provide warranty for all services.

Taking advantage of our experience in cooperation with measurement offices, we offer services for the verification of car, rail, conveyor and platform scales.

We provide comprehensive services. We are responsible for the delivery of mass standards as well as contact and delivery of inspectors from measurement offices. Before verification, we thoroughly check all weighing electronics using appropriate measuring tools, protect junction boxes against moisture with specialized chemicals, and review the parameters of weighing controllers and balance calibration. Everything to ensure the longest and breakdown-free work.

Design and prefabrication of control cabinets

We offer assembly and prefabrication of control cabinets. Our many years of experience in this field allow us to build high-quality end products. Our goal is to implement the latest technologies in the field of automation, thanks to which we will increase the reliability, safety and efficiency of the process. We acquire the necessary materials to complete the order and select the appropriate equipment for the given weighing or dosing device.

Modernization of weighing, dosing and packaging systems

Your machine refuses to obey or threatens operators? This does not always mean buying completely new equipment. We provide modernization services for this type of projects due to our experience and knowledge of weighing, dosing and packaging systems.

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