About us

We design and supply devices for weighing and dosing bulk materials, which are ready to be implemented in production lines. We offer a full range of service and technical support – from consultation and planning, through design, process optimization, production, delivery, installation and commissioning of our devices. We work with our clients, creating the basis for long-term, successful partnerships, in which the benefits for clients are always in the first place, along with efficiency, reliability and quality.

In addition to ready-made and proven solutions, we offer “tailor-made” products, designed individually for the customer by our Design Department, so that the customer receives a product tailored to their individual needs, which distinguishes us in the industry of weight automation.

We are continually expanding our qualifications by taking part in domestic and foreign fairs concerning transport and feeding of loose materials. Our team consists of experienced designers and engineers with well-established knowledge and practical skills acquired during many years of work in the industry.

Over the years of the company’s operations, we’ve provided solutions for clients from various industries: coal, aggregate processing, food, feed production, grain trade, ceramics and more. Take advantage of our experience and let InterProcess be your supplier.

Our clients

Our company is an authorized representative of Penko Engineering B.V. – a Dutch manufacturer of advanced weighing and dosing automation systems.

We work with demanding clients who value the highest quality, safety and experience. We fully use our skills to meet the expectations of every client. The proof of the reliability of our services is cooperation with such companies as: