Bulk solids and liquids weight measurement

We provide all necessary components for scales installation on existing tanks and platforms. We focus primarily on ease of integration with superior systems and high quality.

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Filling and discharging systems

High speed and high resolution characterise our measuring systems. All this to maintain exceptional accuracy and prevent overflow. For large parts, every gram matters, and our clients save money.

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Weighing on belt conveyors

We design and supply our clients with ready-made weighing systems. Our systems can count the material on the belt and regulate the flow. The offer also includes ready-made belt feeders with built-in scales.

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Loss-in-weight dosing

The mass loss in the tank defines the material flow. In connection with the PID control loop, we will receive a feeder with exceptional accuracy. Our company will provide modern solutions in weight automation for existing installations as well as high-quality screw and vibrating feeders.

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Check weighing

Checkweighing on production tapes is an automated check of the weight of products for internal or commercial purposes. We supply customers with specialised automation systems for weighing the analysis and elimination of defective products.

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Force measurement

Fast and accurate force measurement can be carried out in stretching, compression, twisting or loading processes. Our range of high-quality indicators and load cells for force measurement is ideal for testing all kinds of materials.

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