Dosing according to recipes

Volumetric and gravimetric dosing

The versatility of the design of volumetric or gravimetric screw feeder makes them ideal for installation in a multi-component dosing unit, in which each screw feeder feeds a separate material. The central control system decides on the portion size or required flow according to data contained in the recipe. This type of application may apply to both batch and continuous feeders, depending on the type of production line in the plant. Our solutions provide for dosing onto an external scale (gain-in-weight) or directly from the scale (loss-in-weight) that each feeder is equipped with. In the latter case, the process can be carried out in parallel and undergoes preliminary homogenization already at the dosing stage.

Intelligent control systems

Our control systems are able to learn during dosing and decide on the right moment to slow down rotation and interrupt the flow of material, so that the achieved portion is as close as possible.