Big-Bag filling and emptying

Big bag filling and emptying

Big-bag filling and emptying

The use of special transport bags called BIG-BAGs in the industry is now very popular. Our constructions enable an efficient process of filling and emptying Big-Bags with minimal involvement of employees and the elements touching the material and the tight connection make the whole process simple, fast and dust-free.

Custom made solution

We are an experienced manufacturer with advanced technology and a professional team of engineers to tailor the design to your specific working conditions. At every stage of the project, we will be here to help and provide technical support to ensure that the filling and emptying Big Bag stations are perfectly adapted to the application – whether it is a complete dosing unit with a station or just part of it. The great advantage of our solutions is that we can adapt our designs to the various dimensions and types of big-bag bags.

At each design stage, we offer our help and offer technological support, thanks to which the BIG-BAG filling and smptying stations can be perfectly adapted to the needs – whether it is a station with or without a dosing system or only parts of it. We offer a wide range of construction dimensions, depending on the size of the BIG-BAG.


Structures prepared for specific technological processes ensure, among others:

  • dust-free filling and emptying of the bag, with minimal involvement of staff,
  • short stoppages due to the ease of connecting the bags,
  • reducing the risk of damage to bags, which can be used repeatedly and thus save money,
  • reducing losses related to the spillage of goods,
  • quick and very easy filling and emptying goods from bags,
  • increasing work safety while performing filling and emptying tasks.

BIG-BAG filling system

Dust-free BIG-BAG filling, process efficiency improvement, increased safety, modular design enabling the station to be adapted to the bag dimensions and customer needs, loose materials of all types, various additional options.

BIG-BAG emptying system

The BIG-BAG is transported by means of a forklift or electric chain hoist mounted on a gantry crane, dust-free emptying, massage plates supporting the flow of hard-flowing materials, modular design enabling adaptation of the station to the dimensions of the bag and customer needs, various additional options.