DSL35 screw feeders for dedusting and desulphurization of flue gas from boilers

One of our clients, a company dealing with air protection, invited us to cooperate in the project regarding dedusting and desulphurization of a flue gas from boilers in one of the Polish power plants.

Three DSL35G screw feeders were delivered with the Flex 2100 control system for active carbon and hydrated lime.

Based on the material submitted by the customer, we have selected the correct types of screw feeders to achieve the required parameters and appropriate efficiency.

The material was dosed with a gravimetric screw feeders (loss-in-weight type) in continuous mode and then transferred to the downstream part of the process by pneumatic transport.

Our screw feeders ensure high accuracy (setpoint error is less than 0,5 %).

Flex 2100 weighing controllers with a touch-sensitive, color LCD screen that is responsible for operation have enabled communication with the master system using the Modbus TCP Industrial Protocol.

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