WSB counting scale – individual project

“Custom-made solutions” – is one of the slogans of our company. In addition to providing standard solutions for clients, we also implement individual projects. One of them is the WSB counting scale for a customer from the food industry.

The customer needed to count the material flowing on the belt and “batch” it. The device had to be adapted to the already operating belt conveyor, while meeting all the requirements set by the food industry and the fed material – salad mix.

Due to the fact that it is a food industry, the device had to be made of stainless steel 1.4301 (AISI304). In addition, the salad mix easily stuck to the steel. For this purpose, the internal surface of the WSB counting scale is made of a special metal sheet with embossing, which prevents material residues from remaining on the scale. Thanks to this, the accuracy is at the highest level. After weighing out a predetermined portion of material, the scale opens and drops the material.

The WSB scale is delivered with the FLEX2100 control system with a color touch screen that sums up the material and sends information to the supervisory system. It also controls the scale. It is opened and closed with a Festo pneumatic actuator. Weight measurement is possible thanks to the C3 load cell made of stainless steel.

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