Depending on the industry, the devices must be made in a different way to suit the conditions of the industry. Our offer includes devices for feeding from both well-flowing loose materials in the food industry, which requires compliance with very strict guidelines, through difficult-flowing materials, easily aerated, with a tendency to uncontrolled flow in the chemical industry, where quick disassembly and easy access inside to keep the machine clean is very important, up to massive, lumpy materials such as brown coal or brittle as quartz, which is often the raw material fed in the construction or mining industry, where trouble-free operation is put first. We offer a wide range of ready-made feeders and scales or specially designed at the customer’s request – special for the industry.

If you do not know what type of feeder or weight will be right for you, and you have not found enough satisfactory information on the site – please contact us. We will gladly answer all your questions and choose the right equipment for you.

Food & feed

Special execution, FDA-compliant materials, easy to clean.

Chemical & fertilizing

The use of special materials that guarantee many years of trouble-free operation, dustproof constructions.


Dosing of delicate materials, very high accuracy.

Pharmaceutical & cosmetology

Additional execution of the feeder construction, stainless steel.

Cement & construction

Materials difficult to dosing, producing mixtures with high accuracy.


Devices designed to work in difficult conditions, reliability in the first place.